A Glorious Weekend At Wizard World Austin

The halls were filled with excitement and cheers from people rang out in all corners of the convention center. Wizard World bought a glorious weekend to Austin, TX with a lasting memories for all fans and attendees. We had a great opportunity to check out the convention with our photographer Frank, Host/Blogger/Cosplayer Yerah and of course myself, Vic. We embarked on a journey where we traveled to every corner of the convention and saw smiles and cheers from fans as they enjoyed being at the con.

Just by walking into the convention center, you would see these amazing statues featured on the wall and boy, they were a huge attraction. Yerah’s spidey senses were going off as she had to go check out these statues and get some cool pictures from them. Tons of fans there were getting their photos taken with the statues and memories were made by the creative touch from Wizard World Austin.

Continuing on our successful giveaways, we partnered with Toynk Toys to do a live unboxing and then we gave away a super hero mystery box. The fans there were so curious on what is inside these mysterious boxes, we brought them a glimpse on what could be in there. Check out DROP THE SPOLIGHT or TOYNK TOYS FB pages to check out the live video of the unboxing and of course the lucky winner who won the prize.

The cosplay from the fans attending Wizard World Austin was just so unique and creative, my jaw was literally on the floor. This is the first con I have been to where the cosplay was so intense, nearly everyone had a really cool cosplay. We will have our photographs from the event posted on our FB page from my photographer as he caught nearly every cosplayer for a photograph. I was able to get a selfie with Kamon Tari and she was just so awesome! Check out her pages and be sure to follow them.

The artists, my god, the artists were just so amazing there. I felt like I was at an art gallery with all the unique pieces I was seeing at the convention. I was able to meet David Soto Jr who had this amazing Jason Momoa piece he was able to paint and I believe he got it autographed as well from the Stargate Atlantis star. I was watching fans just taking these cool art pieces and getting a good glimpse with the artists as well.

The celebrities were a great addition to convention and seeing some awesome celebrities such as Jason Mewes, Jason Momoa, Jon Heder and etc. The lines were decent and every fan were able to get an experience with a celebrity of their choice. We were able to meet and interview Thomas Ian Nicholas and talk about American Pie, music and his current activities he is involved in.

All in All, this convention was everything and more with the cherry on top. You had to be there to experience the fun and excitement of this convention. Wizard World Austin brought their A game and felt that every space was utilized to its fullest potential. The attendees had so much fun not only with the celebrities but with each other by creating new friendships and rehashing old ones as well. When Wizard World comes to your town, be sure to get your tickets because this show will provide an experience that will last forever.


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