A NBA 2K18 review for the “Average Noob”


Today were taking a gander into a game that’s endured the test of time to become the best NBA video game to date….NBA 2k18.  With 2017 ending 2k has pushed NBA 2k18 to an anxious gaming community. The 2K series brings another flashy, in your face slam dunks, with a fresh storyline, and exciting plots.

This time 2k has made an over haul on “My Career” and added a story line to “My GM” with a crazy twist.  More has been added to “My League” and 2K TV will feature more NBA stars.  So this leads one to believe that NBA 2K18 has something that everyone can find joy in. We’ll review 2K18 from the perspective of a novice, a non-gamer, and yes we are talking the average noob

  Game play 6/10 there are only 2 modes in the game (My GM and My League) that you’re allowed to make adjustments and use your game slider.  Outside of that, you must play on a harder setting in other modes.  NBA 2K18 forces you play the other modes their way.  Movement of your players are very fluent with little wanting to go one way and your player going another. You still suffer from a lot off ghosting (when someone walks or jumps through you) and off set animations. Trying to steal the ball is a sad site of you being next to the player swiping at the air and through him.  Which merits a 6/10 scoring.


  Noob Friendly 4/10 “My League” for a new player now seems to be the best place to start. There are only two modes you can change difficulty and jump right in.  As for the others, you’re stuck with what they give you. There is not much information outside of a form to understand your player ability’s so good luck with finding true answers.  YouTube tutorials have to be made and google searches will be done.


Visualization 10/10 There is lots of eye candy here. Everything moves makes a swish sounds and jumps out at you with crazy a sound-track. There’s so much bling and dazzle I couldn’t give it any-less than a 10

Competitiveness 10/10 If you’re a hard-core NBA 2k gamer that looks to stuff it in the face of others and show off you’re gamer skills then 2k18 was made just for you. Everything you love about PVP is in a basketball video game is here.


Customization 8/10 to the 1st time user you would think this should should be in the Blues with a perfect 10.  You should be right but NBA 2K18 has thrown a  monkey wrench in customization. Going from 2k16 and 17 were you could customize your own player from scratch to now you can only manipulate pre-made faces and can only use your custom-made teams and rosters in only one mode now. And most customization are in on-line my carrier mode, like tattoos and clothing. Seems as if the more they put into commercialization and visual more of the things you like in the older NBA 2k games they take out.



Commercialization 2/10 All in all NBA 2k18 like most games today is becoming more of a competitive business then a video game. V.C. (virtual currency) is pushed in your face in every mode of the game. You can’t wear a plane color shirt without being a certain level and having the V.C. Don’t be surprised if they name the game NBA 2K Store someday. In 2K V.C. is winning.


This is only my opinion hopefully this will help you in your search of what is best for you and your family and what you’re looking for in a game. If there is any games you would like me to look into and give my opinion please feel free to message me

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