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Kindom Rush Series

            Kingdom rush is an ISO game that utilizes the tower defense aspect of games. You build your towers in designated areas around the map to defend your home from enemy waves. Not only are the towers fully upgrade able, but you are also able to use a hero to help defend your home base. The ability’s they have at their disposal range depending on the version of the game you are playing. The 3 games of the series available are the original Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Frontier, and Kingdom Rush Origins. The original version of the game has a different outtake on the heroes then the other 2 that came after. In the original game, the heroes level up during the mission and reset after each mission is completed. In the subsequent games, the heroes level up through the play through of the campaign and you get skill points you can use to increase the abilities of the heroes. In the 3rd installment of the game, you are also able to use special ability’s that your heroes have, and these abilities have the power to change the flow of the game even if you are on your last leg.


Each game on it’s easily to make an amazing experience, however if you have the ability at play through each one, then the story gets that more immersive and deeper. Now the game is a pay to play, some of the better heroes do cost money, however the starter heroes that the game gives you are more than adequate to enjoy the game and play through the campaign on the hardest difficulty. If you’re a fan of tower defense, and enjoy the fantasy/medieval aspect of games then these games are definitely for you. The original game, Kingdom Rush, is free on IOS, however the other 2 games will cost you a couple of bucks each am afraid, however if you’re a fan of these type of games, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by at least not giving them a try. Support

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