ESPORTS LAUNCHES ON HULU Premieres ESL Defining Moments !!

Upcoming esports Premieres
ESL, the world’s largest esports company has created four unique series that explore the various facets of esports, including athlete training and preparation, news and industry trends, and coverage of ESL’s tournaments.

Player vs. Player, Bootcamp: Immortals, Defining Moments and ESL Replay premiere exclusively on Hulu this month.



Deep dive into the most impactful moments in esports history with passionate analysts, casters, and players explaining what made these moments so monumental. Defining Moments will cover many of the top games and fan the flames of ongoing debates about these plays. Each episode is centered on a specific theme for the week, whether trick-shots and insane reflex skills, controversial moves and their impact on gaming history, or long-lasting rivalries and how they came to be. Hosted by Jeff Cannata (DLC, The Totally Rad Show), The series will feature in-depth interviews with game designers, teammates, fans, rivals, even sports scientists assessing reaction speed – anyone who can add to the story of defining moments in esports. (6 Episodes)

*Fridays beginning December 8



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