Do Not Feed The Monkeys

Do Not Feed The Monkeys will be released during the first half of 2018

Fictiorama Studios continues development of the first “digital voyeur simulator”.
It will finally hit PC via Steam before next summer.


Madrid, Spain, November 8th 2017:To some of you, the warm welcome you received yesterday fro the Primate Observation Club was totally unexpected; the rest, already knew what we were talking about.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys development continues steadily by Fictiorama Studios, which is finalizing the details of its original title, with a genre of its own.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a “digital voyeur simulator“: a story-driven title in which you invade the privacy of dozens of strangers while you witness their most intimate moments, trying to keep up with the rent payment and have enough money to buy some food from time to time…
You’ll be the new member of the “Primate Observation Club“, which of course is not the wildlife conservation society that the name suggests. It’s a cover for a clandestine group that watches over people through surveillance cameras and unprotected web cams. Tired of living in a shabby apartment and having boring jobs, you have been accepted as part of this exclusive organization, so you’ll be able to spy on the “caged monkeys”.

The game, which has a strong “pixel art” visual style, allows you to browse social networks, wikis, websites, newspapers, on-line stores and chat rooms, where you can collect information about the “monkeys” you’re spying. The Club forbids you from interacting with those you observe (ie, “feed the monkeys”) … but what will you do? Are you going to intercede in the name of justice? Will you sabotage their dreams? Or will you sit around doing nothing while you watch the world burn? Everything you do (or stop doing) will have consequences.

During its development, Do Not Feed The Monkeys has gone through a lot of indie development festivals in which it has garnered all kinds of praise and several awards such as the one in the picture, the most recent one, awarded by the media attending Indicade Festival Europe 2017.

.- Best Indie Game (Festival Européen du Film Fantastique de Strasbourg, France, 2017)
.- Most Innovative Video Game (RTVE Award; 3DWire, Spain, 2017)
.- DevGamm Choice (GetIT! Festival, Ukraine, 2017)
.- Excellence in Narrative (Finalist; Busan Indie Connect, Korea, 2017)
.- Excellence in Game Design (Finalist; Busan Indie Connect, Korea, 2017)




Do Not Feed The Monkeys will be one of the 70 titles shown in the fifth anniversary of “Day of the Devs” festival, presented by Double Fine and iam8bit, to be held on November 11th in San Francisco.

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