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Party Hard Tycoon has the potential to be a fan favorite amongst gamers. The tutorial of the game has excellent replay ability.  When you play the tutorial it doesn’t have the same mission objectives as your previously played attempt. You will meet Priscilla McBride during your tutorial.  She is a bit headstrong and kind of annoying. However she does give you progressive tasks, and helps you walk through the game. You are able to create any kind of party you want, as long as you have the imagination for it. The tutorial does a good job of explaining the mechanics of the game and what they are used for.  However it still took practice to incorporate them into the gameplay of the campaign.  Once I picked up the basics of Party Hard Tycoon I was joyfully comfortable with its gameplay.

The core game mechanic or mission is to manage your hype meter.   As a party host you need to monitor several things to keep your party hype.  Does your party have enough speakers to keep your crowd happy?  There are several other options you can use to keep your hype meter high.  You can provide your party with fun items like  bottle service, live DJs,  or even add a sushi bar for when your party goers get hungry.


Not only do you have to manage your hype meter but you also need to control the servers who will clean tables and refill beer stands for the party.  A deviously fun game mechanic are managing your party bouncer or hiring of biker gang members to your party.  The bouncers are used to get rid of people causing problems at your club.  Biker gang members are hired to rob people at your party and to provide you a cut.  This a conniving way to boost your party’s profit but if you are caught there will be a call the police.


I’ll admit I’m not a huge party person because I am more involved in the gaming world.  However I was glancing over Party Hard Tycoon’s party themes and found a gaming party!  The party gamer in me lost it once I discovered this.  While you get to pick your location and set up! It’s all in the control of your hands.  Even if you’re not much of a party goer, I would still recommend you give it a try! Who knows you might be the best party planner there is!

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