Savage Worlds Licensee News: The Monster Hunters’ Club Now On Kickstarter

The Monster Hunters’ Club Now On Kickstarter

News from Pinnacle Entertainment Group on behalf of Savage Worlds licensee, CCS Games

The Monster Hunters’ Club is a licensed setting for the Savage Worlds Roleplaying Game set in the 1980’s and inspired by kids’ adventure and horror films, television, and novels like E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialThe GooniesThe Monster SquadThe Lost BoysFright Night, ItSuper 8Stranger Things, and many more. Players take on the roles of children, growing up in the 80’s, who become heroes.

Kickstarter available now until November 16th 2017!

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The Monster Hunters’ Club book features:

  •  18 detailed, customizable archetypes

  •  New Edges and Hindrances

  •  4 Arcane Backgrounds (Belief, Gadgetry, Psychokinesis, and Storytelling)

  •  New Powers

  •  A Bestiary of new creatures

  •  The detailed town of Gulf Haven, Alabama as it appears in the mid-1980’s

  •  A complete plot point campaign with savage tales

  •  An adventure generator

  •  Setting Rules to help capture the feel of 80’s Kids’ adventure movies.

Stretch goals include short “one sheet” adventures from some of the biggest names in the Savage Worlds community, including Preston DuBose, Danny James Walsh, Eric Lamoureux, and Jason L. Blair. In addition, brand new floorplans from Fabled Environments, a custom character sheet from Karl Keesler, and a mini-campaign from Tommy Brownell are also available as stretch goals.

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