Outlast PC Review

Outlast was an amazing game! It sets the tone perfectly right from the beggining and never seems to stop.

When you first start the game you begin by watching a cut scene that tells the story of the psychiatric hospital (Mount Massive Asylum) and what was happening during the time that it was open (It also helps that the game is based off of true events and a place that actually existed). Your name is Miles Upshur, and you decided to investigate the psychiatric hospital When you first arrive at the asylum you are introduced to a key mechanic of the game, your camera.

This camera is your lifeline from here on out. You use your camera for everything! From using its night vision to see in the dark to using it to spot items and events in the world as they happen. As you play through the story you’ll find collectibles that tend to be in any video game and they do give you further details into the hospital and what happened. I wont spoil the story, it is extremely good. Filled with plot twists and mind bending horror, it keeps you on your toes the whole game.

The ending is one of the best in video games I have played. It also sets up for a sequel as well, and it does it the best way it knows how. This game is not for the faint of heart however, from the extreme gore to the over the top violence, This game definitely earns its M rating, however that doesn’t take from the game, it just adds that much more in-depth story and makes it actually seems like your life is on the line. I can definitely seeing myself playing this game more and going for all the collectibles if only so that i can get a more in-depth look at this place and what happened. I cant wait to play the sequel and see what they do next!!!!


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