Jeffrey Cordes Interview and Review

Jeffrey Cordes is an Austin based musician that is building a reputation of allowing music to grow with his vast musical preferences. Jeff was born and raised in San Antonio, TX and is from a family of musicians. His father has helped teach Jeff how to use the guitar and read sheet music.

Jeff has been playing and learning about musical instruments ever since he was in elementary school. He enjoys to broaden his musical horizons though various learning services and private performances. Jeff’s musical styles various as he enjoys the musical talents of Chuck Berry and Stevie Ray Vaughn as well as the lyrical serenade of the Goo Goo Dolls.

Jeff plays in various cafe’s around Austin and is known to establish a connection with the crowd with his music. Music is shown to tell stories and experiences to the audience and Jeff has worked on his lyrics to reflect that style. He wants to showcase his view of the world and how his mind is set through his lyrics.

Jeff wants his fans and as well as other musicians to know to remember to build a network and talk to people. You need to sell yourself to the people of not only your music but your brand as well. He likes to keep his guitar close to him and when he has brief time, he will practice and play at various times. Music will evolve with time but the musician that creates the art of music takes a journey through their lyrics and melodies.

I was able to interview Jeff at Gino’s Deli in San Antonio, and he was an amazing person to talk to. You can see the passion he has for music through his experiences and knowledge of instruments. He made me believe that lyrics not only tell stories but are gateways to see situations in a life worth exploring. I am more than humble to be able to talk to him and interview him.

When Jeff releases his album, be sure to check it out and close your eyes when his music plays. Be taken away to that special place and enjoy the music of someone who not only hone is craft in music but is part of the development of music.

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