Q-Band Q-68HR Accurate Health & Fitness Tracker Watch Review

As a person with aspirations of having improved health, a step in the right direction is always needed. That step can be the push you need in order to make a change in your life. The change that will come next is in a form of a fitness tracker and this fitness tracker is from Q-Band.

Disclosure: I received this product as a product review, All opinions are my honest review.

Q-Band has a fitness tracker called Q-Band Q-68 Accurate Health and Fitness Tracker Watch that is the Swiss army knife of fitness trackers. The amount of amenities located in this fitness tracker is just amazing! I have been going through them currently seeing which I can use first.

The fitness tracker fits well around my wrist as I am a pretty hefty kind of guy. I am 6’3 and the size of a professional wrestler that should be in the WWE. The bands feel soft yet rugged and at times, I don’t feel the tracker on me at all. The way way to put the tracker on can help your discover the mysteries you have when you think about your body.

I was able to get separately was additional bands for the Q-Band Fitness Tracker. I chose the CLASSY selection as I loved the colors and reminded me of Marvel Avengers. I was able to change the bands for my tracker fast and with ease.

The band I chose to wear at this moment was the red, white, and blue one. I felt like Captain America with those colors while I was wearing them. The band was neat, soft, and could hardly tell that I’m actually wearing a fitness tracker. The bands are very fashionable and they have other ones there as well but as a CLASSY guy like myself, I sure did kept it classy.

I was able to program the fitness tracker with ease using my smartphone. I downloaded an App for my cellphone and sync it up with Bluetooth on my phone so I’m able to do some cool stuff with it. The fitness tracker is able to check your heart rate, count your daily steps, and as well as my favorite which is activity tracker. A few times while I’m typing out this review, the app light up my cell phone letting me know to stand up and stretch. So that is what I did!

This is a good fitness tracker that can not only help push you get better shape but can show you the results of your hard work. Check out this products on AMAZON located here Q-BAND and CLASSY BANDS. You can make your purchase before they run out on Amazon quickly.


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