DJ Nerky Interview and EDM Review

A UTSA student with a resume that speaks louder than actions who also has done lighting and sound for many businesses is also a young DJ that is making a storm with his musical recognition. He has help and worked on stages with such figures as Jennifer Lopez, Kid Rock, Deftones, Nothingmore, Paper Diamond, and Excision and more including the festivals where he has helped build the stages. DJ Nerky made it known that all stages in concerts must be strategically planned and built by a dedicated crew.

DJ Nerky was asked what makes a good DJ and here is his response:

DJ’s should be working with producers to bring the best music out of the studios to the music scene. DJs have to work from the ground up to bring out music that isn’t water down but bring enjoyable music to the fans. A skill you develop when you’re not only from the musical taste or how the music was shown from a playlist but also playing with the right equipment. Each genre has a unique sound range, for example extra sub woofers are essential for a dubstep show to translate the feel of the music. It comes down to having a strong vision and a reliable production crew to make sure every detail of the performance translates to the audience.

DJ Nerky was asked about the club scene and how clubs, producers and DJ’s need to work together:

Clubs that don’t invest in the community, don’t get the market!  Clubs should be growing and spreading with the help of producers and DJs.  Clubs should not be stalling with contract negotiations with club DJ’s because dj’s are being drawn to show by show contracts instead of long term contracts. This can be often difficult to build a reputation with the fans. He also advised that clubs should not only invest in their DJ’s but also in technology. Its up to the DJ to provide the correct technology for the club. Venues enjoy it when DJs add visual effects to their performance. It raises the demand for you as a DJ and it encourages club owners to invest in your brand. Currently, in San Antonio, many DJs have widened their business by adding video mixing software to their sets. Barcelona Nightclub has been home to some of the industries most progressive DJs. Ask anyone who knows sound and knows Downtown Austin and they’ll tell you Barcelona has one of the best sounds systems, which has earned Barcelona the affectionate nickname, The Basscave. They have brought national touring artists year-round and create the best lineups of artists for Austin’s famous South-By-Southwest festival.

A good way to network and find the help needed to broaden your music reach is SESH and this is from their about us section on their website:

Sesh was created by touring and professional musicians who were frustrated with the inefficiencies of the music ecosystem.

Touring DJ and music producer Stephan Jacobs came up with the concept in 2013, out of necessity, in order to provide a much needed service the music industry seemed to overlook. The Idea was intended to be an easy booking service for his personal studio. he quickly realized the potential of his concept as a general music utility for all to use.

Check out this service and see what can of influence you or your musical taste can conjure while networking with various musicians.

DJ Nerky was asked about which artists or labels to look out for:

Here are some talented individuals that you should check out their music:

Luxe Laredo , Rum Drum, Wiwek, Juyen Sebulba , Rawtek  and of course DJ NERKY.

Here is a good EDM record label called Spiked Punch Records and here are some of their artists:

Frank Royal and Trowa

Here is also another good EDM Record label called FreshMoon Records and here are some of their artists:

MoonDoctor   and    FreshTilDef

In all, The Texas cities scenes are very different as over the years they have become more isolated, but now a days DJ’s trying to bring styles from different cities to influence more of the areas. They are focusing more on their craft and working with crews to help build the music landscape. The scene from at home such as San Antonio are doing more their own scenes and working more with producers and creating the scene stronger. The scene is growing and getting better day by day, appreciate your local DJ’s and crews as they have perfected your wonderful time at the clubs.


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