Splody Update 1 – “Blast to the Top!”


Splody Update 1 – “Blast to the Top!”

The first major update to Splody releases today on Steam, combining a couple major features and a lot of little tweaks, as well as, of course, including all of the small improvements that were released rapid-fire since launch.

Ranking and Leaderboards

The feature I’m most excited about in this update is the addition of ranking and leaderboards.  Playing online games of Splody will affect your Rating, and the highest rated are placed at the top of the leaderboards.  This feature has been added retroactively, so all games since sometime during the beta have been taken into account to determine players’ current ratings!  How do you stack up to the competition?

As well as the all-time Rating and leaderboard, you can compete regularly in the Monthly Leaderboard.  I hope to see a lot of you online this weekend, fighting for your rightful spot at the top of the leaderboards!!

Ghost Bombers and New Level Themes

Mechanically similar to the old “orbital bombers”, the new Ghost Bombers look like, well, ghosts, and give a lot more feedback to both the ghost and other players as to what is going on – you’ll see a clearer animation when you’re summoning a bomb from beyond the grave.

Along with making the cute ghosts, my contract artists have also added two new level themes, the Forest and the Caves, which I think turned out pretty fantastic!

A Million Little Things

As well as the big things, there have also been a lot of little changes since release.  Here are some of the most significant improvements added in this update and since the launch version 1.0 (which was shown at PAX East):

  • NEW! Team mode: Humans vs Bots
  • NEW! Bomb tell animation option indicates when a bomb is about to explode
  • NEW! On the series results screen, show all players that participated at some point in the series, not just those still connected
  • NEW! Steam Music Player integration, see the docs for details
  • NEW! Add an additional 30-second countdown to start matches when the majority of players are ready, even if some are still outside the ready zone, or intentionally resetting the regular 5-second countdown
  • NEW! On the Choose Player screen, allow the Room Leader to kick players (either set them as a spectator if they appear to be AFK, or boot them from the server)
  • NEW! Add music track: Facemelter
  • NEW! Chat: Add timestamps, clickable URLs, copying to clipboard, server history
  • NEW! Audio: Replace Speed Up powerup sound that numerous people complained about
  • NEW! Bot suicide prevention fixes
  • Reduce load time and eliminate run-time stalls
  • Show recently placed and blocking bombs more clearly so you’re never confused as to why you’re stuck when trying to walk past a bomb
  • Add longevity to destroyed blocks for a more classic feel
  • Allow the audio/controls/graphics menus to be accessed during a game in progress
  • Work around various programs stomping on Splody’s textures while recording/streaming
  • Lots of fixes for players with ridiculously long Steam profile names
  • Mount Control game mode balances
  • Tons of other minor bug fixes

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