A Fan’s Approach To The ACCC Hangover

As a fan who attends cons, I have seen the magical world formulate from a distance. But as a member of the Press I have seen first hand the creative ingenuity of Con coordinators, vendors, and employees bring a fan’s imagination to life. The life they bring stimulates the pages of a comic book into an experience you should see at a comic con.

I was given the opportunity to attend the comic con of San Antonio called Alamo City Comic Con. The con is still in its infancy and has been around for 5 years.  ACCC has become a staple in the city of San Antonio. The city has a huge geek market, there are many comic book stores, and retro gaming stores to handle all there geek desires.

My last article, where you can view it HERE, I want to clarify and give further understanding from my point of view of ACCC.

First,  I want to clarify that We at Drop The Spotlight have the up  most respect for the workers, vendors, artists, cosplayers, celebrities and volunteers. We believe that your hard work and your passion brings the comic realm right to our front door every year.  People travel great distances to see the next step in the world of comic cons.

I would like to say the con could have been taken a step to a whole another level. I was baffled by how the pages from the comic book weren’t illuminated from my door step. I went with a friend of mine,  as we worked our way around the con, excited to see the wonders of this world, and to our disappointment.   We were not taken to a special place but we were very much in the regular world.  After further reflection, I felt that there were several reasons that contributed to my disappointing moment at ACCC.

These are my Reasons:

  • Timing
    • There were several events going on this weekend in town including River City Rockfest, also this weekend was more for traveling and being with families during Memorial Day Weekend.
  • Theme
    • This con was felt it was rushed as their was no common theme placed into the con itself. As you walked in and walked around, there was visibly a con resembling 2016 instead of a new theme for 2017.
  • Schedule change
    • This con is usually in held in October, since this was put in May, many people had to accommodate their schedules. There are times where some schedules are hard to change because of certain situations.
  • Cost
    • The circumstances from the con from a cost perspective to a person was outstanding high. The parking was high considering it was downtown San Antonio. Also considering the price hike for a 3 day pass of $85 not including price of celebrities autographs as well. Many people do have budgets and coming in for 6 months out of a con, many people didn’t have the money to use for the con.

I do appreciate the fact that we do have a comic con in San Antonio and that helped build our world of geeks into an amusement park of fandom. We appreciate the efforts from all staff, workers, cosplayers, artists, and celebrities for taking their time and hosting this event each year.

I also appreciate the time and patience that ACCC con owner Apple De La Fuente goes through each year as he assembles his own con to bring to the universe of geeks. As hard it is for him, we respect him the fact he did accept accountability online.

I do hope cons continue to strive but when they need to strive, they must look outside the box and bring something that not only surprises the geeks but creates a warmer community for the universe of geeks. Our community needs to help keep cons running, help keep artists painting and drawing, help keep actors and actresses continue to bring the roles of comics alive, helps writers to create new imagination through their words, and keep cosplayers journey into another realm of possibilities with a creative touch. All fans need to do their part,  they need to extend their hands cross realms and strive to bring the community into an ocean of understanding.



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