Alamo City Comic Con Loses Its Step During Memorial Day Weekend

The crowds were sparse, the vendors were fully stocked, and yet the con was a shadow of what it was in the past. I descended onto the con floor to see how the con looked for the celebration of geeks. 

As you can see from the image, this is on a Saturday afternoon, the day where cons are hard to walk through as everyone and their momma, deluge into the vendors and more.

The vendors were helping bringing Alamo City Comic Con out of the stone age but one vendor stole the show by creating some unique groots and helped bring an unseen cool element that was needed badly at this con.

Sir Nick Justice stole that show for vendors as he brought unique hand made products that rivaled many of the high end vendors that brought thousands worth of product. His hand made products were fairly priced and nearly sold out during Alamo City Comic Con.

With the lack of unique cosplayers, two cosplayers brought down the house, and of course, the crowds with their fireworks status of cosplay. Miss Torii and Christina Mcdaniel brought the cosplay realm to their knees with their breath taking cosplays at the event and of course fun factor entertainment with the crowds.

As I continued walking around, I wasn’t echoed to see more of the con as only an HOUR and a HALF of easy walking around, I was quite disappointed with the way of the con marketed itself. Just six months ago, the con nearly had 100,000 fans for the weekend, I didn’t even seen 1/10 of that number this weekend at Alamo City Comic Con. I will be watching as improvements are made but will San Antonio to continue to embrace a comic con relying on elements from 2014 when they are in 2018. Time will only tell.


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3 thoughts on “Alamo City Comic Con Loses Its Step During Memorial Day Weekend

  • May 28, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    The real problem was the timing of the con. It conflicted with four other big cons not to mention being on a major holiday weekend where families go out of town. If it was held say later into the summer or even it the fall like last year then there would have been a bigger turn out. Hopefully the staff learns from this and locks down dates away from other big cons.

    • May 28, 2017 at 11:03 pm

      You are right Mike. I would believe that since San Antonio Downtown area is a huge draw for tourism, ACCC may have thought that could be an easy sell to tourists. I felt it should have been more a family type con focusing on families since this holiday is more of the family getting together than in October when its easier to sell to potential customers. I do hope they learn from this situation and build for a better con, more of a 2018 attitude than a 2014 attitude. I did see many things in this con, not the celebrities, but more from the con that they relied on from years past. Innovation is key and bringing something different and unique is what fans want in my opinion.

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