Dreamhack Austin 2017 Shines The Mirror To The Fans

The team of Drop The Spotlight and DTS Gaming Realm descended to the out lands of downtown Austin, TX as Press to showcase the goodies from Dreamhack 2017 Austin. We were excited at the moment seeing the flair what Dreamhack can offer and showcase culture that attends when gaming is involved.

Cosplay is a big hurrah for fans of gaming and we weren’t disappointed of what we saw at Dreamhack 2017 Austin. One of my favorites is this reaper by Nicole Winters Cosplay that gathered my vision and hooked me line and sinker. My team enjoyed taking her photographs and she was a joy to talk to as she talked about the cool things here in Austin.

D.VA and Mcree were well represented at Dreamhack 2017 Austin as we saw these two gather the crowds with their awesome cosplay. We were able to talk to them and they were actually helping out with Dreamhack with an activity they were doing there. I want to say it was scavenger hunt and that is so cool. I never heard of a scavenger hunt at a major event but they did provide awesome swag to the ones that completed so that is a win in my book.

The main course from Dreamhack was the gaming entree and that was in fun filled area. There were tons of fans attending the gaming events as teams from around the world competed to be that champion for that game. Of course the money at the end, is a big factor too. Many of the teams competed were well represented by their sponsors and it was great to see business take gaming seriously and give the time and effort to provide these teams with help to achieve dreams and succeed.

Dreamhack 2017 Austin provided many unique opportunities as we met numerous of gaming talent, cosplayers, businesses, and of course new computers and component companies. We talked to many cool people including Twitch legend TenTanMan and In Win representatives. We would like to thank our own sponsor Gino’s Deli as they helped provide us meals for the event and gave us the strength to continue the day and never miss a beat.


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