A Great Night Sleep With Empyrean Bedding Review

When night looms, a familiar feeling emerges as you want to go to that special spot and relax. My special spot is in my bed room and looms ready for me when I enter the room. We have rough days where we just want to relax and spend time unwinding and that spot for me is my bed. 

Disclosure: I received this product as a product review, All opinions are my honest review.

I have Amazon Prime so my latest bedding came in real quick and with ease to the moment from Empyrean.

Once the package was opened, the item was intact and had a great feel to it. I was able to remove the plastic covers and remove the items one by one.

The product contained 2 pillow covers, one bed cover, one bed sheet and a Better Sleep Guide. The sheets felt soft and the new product smell was creating a great aroma in my room. I am very excited to get my bed into a bed situation with this new bedding from Empyrean.


As I put the bed cover to my bed, the cover came with straps to lock in the cover to the corners of the bed. I was astonished now that when I toss and turn, my bed cover won’t come loose and create a discomfort situation. The pillow covers fit my pillows and provided an extra fluffiness that my pillows were missing at the moment.

There was this guide that came with the bedding called Better Sleep Guide and I was able to go through the guide. I should have done this first because this had some great tips. The tips range from the proper way to install the bedding into the bed to ways to make your sleep into an easier transition by rearranging items in your room.

All in all, this product is amazing and when your laying down on the bed, you feel the comfort the sheets give you. You just want to fall asleep on the bed and go into a fun dream!

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