Artist of the Month March 2017

When you clear the doubts of your mind, the sounds of a voice re-energizes your thoughts with a new written chapter of life. Her music inspires yet helps you dig down in yourself and uncover the element of the mask you wear beneath your shadows. 

Drop The Spotlight would like to present the Artist of the Month for March 2017 to artist Vicki Kiely.

Vicki Kiely has musical tone that is second to none and a voice that blooms like a flower in spring time. Her voice and guitar shakes the curtains of the view and brings about a colorful display intelligence to music.

Check out Vicki’s FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM, and SOUNDCLOUD and check out the newest music and news from her.


A surveyor of new tech, new visions of life, new replica's of how our life is used and enjoys traveling, supporting local businesses and reviewing everything.

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