PrinceDaRu’la Opens The Drawer To Musicial Recipes

The fish tank is empty as the water continues to bubble with consistent flow and the empty silence of no fishes. The bubbles continue more and more with a burst of lyrical sequence that emerges from the sounds of the bubbles. The words are spoken and discussed by beats by PrinceDaRu’la

PrinceDaRu’la pulled out his notebook of recipes and picked the best beats to make into a seasoned treat. The beats from the albums  he provides to his artists are good. They have a  smooth nostalgic feel from 1994 with a new wave of creativity. The beats  can be the cream of the crop for any artist looking it to creating their art with a proper beat. The beats set the tone of the themes of  albums and bring about simmering dosage for the balance of the music and lyrics.

The website he uses for his beats is located HERE and you can scroll through each one and see which one would be perfect for your music. The prices for his beats are fair yet can elevate your lyrical song through a beat that can help smooth the rhyme of creativity. I enjoyed listening to his beats and imagining which artist will take the plunge and make their art superior using a beat from PrinceDaRu’la.

Get accustomed to PrinceDaRu’la and check out his SOUNDCLOUD and his INSTAGRAM.



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