mUKI Munah Pretty Woman Song Review

The music is uptempo with a Jamaican feel that makes you want to dance the night away. The artist mUKI Munah brings his A game with this lyrically good song. 

The song is a fun and dancing song about the power of a pretty woman. The woman is daring yet sensual with her moves that escapes the world through her beauty.

The vocals are good with a progression that creates a smooth song and keeps the uptempo vibing throughout the song. The song brings a creative synergy that excites women all over and gets the club going into 10 mode. I enjoyed listening to this song and know a club or two would love to have this in their regular rotation!

Check out more music from mUKI Munah on SOUNDCLOUD, REVERBNATION, and FACEBOOK and enjoy the music that mUKI Munah brings to you!


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