Heads of Lettuce Fade Up From Black Music Review

Heads of Lettuce has thrown the book of music out the window and created a sense of direction for music to follow that is unheard of. The music takes a front seat in this album and explores the fundamentals of being a music fan.

Heads of Lettuce album is called Fade Up From The Black and reminds me of something classical mixed with an attitude that makes the guitar strings earn their keep in this album.

The music goes the distance with a parade of guitar strums and hypnotizing beat from the drums that excels as a flavor of the month at a local ice cream shop.

The lyrics are pages from the book of life where we scribble our experiences but Heads of Lettuce were able to create an album out of it. The songs are just pure Americana and has  increased the screams of prosperity for this band.

I enjoy the songs Dorm Days, Start to Fall, Autumn Girl, Turn and of course Dean and Paradise.

You can find Heads of Lettuce on SPOTIFY and FACEBOOK and keep up with their music and keep them spinning in your headphones!


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