Songs For Freedom – Album for Animal rights and Animal Welfare Music Review

Songs For Freedom is a collection of songs from artists that want to tell stories of treatments for our animals. The album is called Animal Rights and Animal Welfare and the title is very fitting!

The music ranges from bluesy country to EDM to Rock; which the musicians are creating harmony for a cause.  We have something unique here with the artists coming together to lend their music to a cause that needs more attention.

The news daily showcases animal abuse and animal neglect and this has to stop!

The artists from Songs For Freedom are here to protest in a voice they know that will reach the masses and that is through their music. Their music is the outlet where the hymns can be used at protests, the hymns where we can sing in harmony and the hymns to never give up. The artists include Vicki Kiely, Simon Dabbicco, Richtaste, Shanel, Vegan Boss, Gaisi and more!

The songs on this album are just awesome, each and every song is my favorite as I have been listening to this album over and over.

Follow Songs For Freedom on SOUNDCLOUD and check out their WEBSITE for more information. When you have the chance, make a donation to your local animal shelter and animal rights group as well as buying this album. The effort is needed for succeeding through the boundaries that are created by the madness of the individuals that harm our animals.


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