Mister Sir – Sleep Album Review

After each sip of water, the guitar echos and zips past the headphones as you listen with gratitude. The door is opened by the curious nearby that can hear the escaped echo from the headphones. 

The curious pull the head phone jack out of the music player and the speakers scream the musical epitome that comes from the performer. The curious wonder who are the musicians influences and count on their hands on which musician can it be! Then the next song comes on and the curious are naming more names for musical influences and continue naming different names.

In all regards, the musical junction of Mister Sir is just pure gold! The band have created an album where the taste for genres is thrown out the window and instead left with a masterpiece of epic proportions!

The album is so different, so unique, so explosive that caution is thrown out the window!

As a rock fan, I’m enjoying this album thoroughly and would need a number chart to put all the musical influences I hear in this album. I enjoy the songs Spasi Menja, Please, Stop This, The Bridge Between My Everythings, and of course Memories.

Check out this album, leave astonished, and know music is resurrected with the sounds from Mister Sleep!

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