Vicki Kiely Mercy Music Review

Vicki Kiely is a voice to be reckoned with! She captivates her music through the range her voice can achieve with a spiral of temptation. The beats of the drums from her song Wild and Free bellows the mood and raises the voice of Vicki Kiely!

Her album Choices in Mercy is musically a masterpiece with her voice leading the way with a musical track that makes me close my fist and just want to listen more and more. Wild and Free made me stop the album and restart the song again as I was just so astonished on how good this song is.  The power from the lyrics, the power from the beat of the drums, help energize my thoughts into ideas.

I do adore her album, its a breath of fresh air from the music on the radio! I enjoyed the songs Mr. Player, Bangkok Princess, Charlie Brown, and of course Wild and Free.

Vicki Kiely music helps brings home made remedies into light with a easily absorbed lyrically style elevating her vocal standing and help to bring her song to another level.

Go out and get her latest album now! She will turn your creativity on with her voice and musically shade to the world.

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