Lifetime Movie Club Review

When your home and relaxing and need something to watch, you always have the Lifetime Movie Club. Lifetime is known to have some of the best drama’s out there for all their fans to watch and enjoy!

You have movies that are shown on Lifetime and movies that are easily brought to you through various forms of contact!

Product benefits:

  • Watch Lifetime movies anytime

  • Movies are commercial free

  • A new movie is added every day

  • Free 7-day trial

Platform availability:

  • iPhone

  • iPad

  • iPod

  • Roku Player

  • Additional platforms coming shortly

Lifetime movies are great to watch as some are actually based on true events so you can see the basis on what really happened in that situation. I would like to watch Lifetime Movie Club with my friends or family to enjoy the perks of being a member. You would want to watch when your relaxing from a stressful day. You want to unwind and know since there is nothing on TV, Lifetime movie club has come to the rescue!


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