Mov Sessian Project Music Review

The musical elements brought to my speakers by the very creative group Mov Sessians Project is just amazing! I am transported to another place where visually I can see images of great festivals where crowds are enjoying their world in peace and prosperity. 

The musical elements from Clarinetist Claudine Movsessian brings a vision of how music should be evolved in a creation of sounds that not only soothes the ears but brings a joy of enlightenment.

Movsessian brings in friends to help with the creation of music in the album and in return have created a  modern masterpiece. The music elements can trace back hundreds of years but you feel that is all brand new to you.

Movsessian is a visionary to her music and style that she brings saving not only our past but preserving our future. The classical music tones mixing with the culturally traditional music is just amazing. I have never thought of something like this artistically powerful can be created.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album over and over again and now feel like attending festivals highlighting cultures that are all around our country.

I have enjoyed the songs Haiser Bulgare, Cosmos, Tsumpa and of course my favorite Kaleidoscope.

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