Twelve On Sunday By Jay Elle Music Review

Fathers around the world can relate on certain subjects about their children. The moments created with their children are long lasting and creates an armor of delights when they reminiscence. Twelve On Sunday brings out one of those moments father’s see from their child.

Jay Elle brings out those moments through his words from his hit song Twelve On Sunday. The music is a blend of acoustic wilderness from his guitar and the boom of his voice brings an earth shattering musical balance to the song.

His lyrics tell a story of a father seeing a certain moment from his daughter and gets the father to reminiscence from the moments previously with his daughter. The moments of watching his daughter grow from a young child to a teenager  with the upcoming birthday.

The song brings out the story through a movie like sequence where you can imagine the song through your mind and then try to scour Netflix hoping to see if this song was turned into a movie.

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