Unhook Your Tie and Jam With Han Drabur

A groove of musical elements that are all around you, slams a stamp of the license for the hunt. The beats from every known sound from my headphones beat triumphantly through an echo of daisies. The splash of innocence to the vibe of lyrics scream of a quiet tale of success.Han Drabur has created a musical anthem of traditional musical aspects through his new album Delta Rezuwreckshan.  The musical aspects range from blues, rock, and big beat in every song. Yes you heard me! Han Drabur has solidified his craft and created a musical anthem which spills over to his whole album.

The music Han Drabur created in his album, takes you far off into the abyss and strips the lies away in layers. The layers unveil an unprecedented texture of crystal clear world.

Unhook your tie, jam with Han Drabur and continue your existence with a clear view of the world!


A surveyor of new tech, new visions of life, new replica’s of how our life is used and enjoys traveling, supporting local businesses and reviewing everything.

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