The Dance Hall Boom With Kapital A

Music rings in circles through a circular fan as the fans want more and more. The dance hall is filled to capacity and the fans yell for more. The beat opens the window of success through a hug for eternity. The fans float through the music as the performer Kaptial A points to the world with his words.

Kapital A brings a rope tugging blare of music through situations spinning in circles and floating through time. I have been hearing Kapital A’s new album called Why Not and its just amazing! The beats to the songs sound smooth and part of the story that Kapital A bring’s to the album. His lyrical style is the ingredient that makes his recipe of music a success. He juggles his words into a musical experience that will make fans want more. Come out and check out his album now and of course my personal favorites: Wareeeayz, Nod Ya Head, En Fuego, and of course Every Word.

Enjoy! I know I did!


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