City Of Trees (Joe Atman) – It Took A Village Music Review

The stands are filled with people awaiting the voice that brings them to the room. The voice they adore and enlist in is shaping up their identities through the groove of music. The music brings a sensation where you want to ring the alarm and get the stands on their feet. 

The piano, the guitar, the drums, and of course the voice is showcased by the melody of instruments floating through the air. The choir rings out a luminous vocal range where you open your mouth and try to replicate to precision.

Ladies and gentlemen, the band is called City of Trees with singer Joe Atman and the album they have came out with is called It Took a Village.

The songs brings a depth of soul to the headphones and ring out good melodies where you can snap your fingers to the beat.  I have been enjoying the songs Know the Wind, Johnny Red Bird, Sunshine when it rains, and of course  the story of lama series is very intriguing. Joe brings a creativity that isn’t heard from music these days and should be cherished and enjoyed!





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