Artist of The Month September 2016

The woman moans and yells as she pushes and pushes the unknown force out of her body. The sweat glistens on her forehead as the people around her yell to push and push. The woman pushes with all her might and out comes a miracle. The miracle is being held by the the crowd of people high in the sky.

The violin plays in the background as the doctors lay the miracle down and they all go to their knees and bow.

The miracle is the music brought to you by DESH and he is Drop The Spotlight’s Artist of the Month for September 2016!


Desh brings a throw back of stirred yet chilled music that will bring fans out of the wood work. The latest album from Desh is called RAP FOR FUN and the album brings out a cadence of life straight to the listener to the music.

The miracle grows with each song you hear from RAP FOR FUN and signifies the memories that are shared to the world.

Follow DESH social media links here on SOUNDCLOUD, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE.

Follow the miracle of our Artist of the Month and see the life in cycles from DESH when he takes you through the loop of how generations react to the mass effects of life.


A surveyor of new tech, new visions of life, new replica's of how our life is used and enjoys traveling, supporting local businesses and reviewing everything.

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