When The Light’s Gone By Builders Music Review

I open the door and peer through the hallway towards another closed door in my sight. The unopened luggage leans against the wall as the next track comes on from Builders new album called When The Light’s Gone.

The sounds produced Builders is a hand raising event with song after song of an open resort of calmness. The guitar strum and the beat from the drum brings life to every song I heard in this album.

My favorite songs from the album are Color and Sound, When The Light’s Gone, Pretend Rivers and New Friends (Old Friends). This album doesn’t have a bad song, doesn’t have a song I want to skip over, this is a good album, I picked a few that I see that would skyrocket to the top of everyone’s music special spot.

This album brings a cosmic event of billboard madness with amazing tracks and great melodies to each song. The album builds up with each song in a manner where you want to see and listen to the end. I fully recommend this album to everyone and just take a listen. Feel the love from the music and close the door behind you as the music takes you away.

Live for the magic, live for life and check out more from Builders here on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK plus support them on BAND CAMP


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