Remove The Blindfold With Desh New Hit Called Sitting Through Sinning

With the harmony screaming from the blistering smooth beat, Desh brings out sinning through his new hit. You will have to remove your blindfold and see what the world is with Desh.

I’m listening to this new song off of Desh’s new project called Rap For Fun and this song is something different, something unique, something where you throw the chair down to the ground to hear more.

The different that this song brings is what makes you feel like you are really seeing over the fence. You can see the waterfall fall down to the ocean while you listen to the ground just for the beat to maximize you.

The organs at the end of the song brings a ghostly vibe where brings the song in a 360 view of the song. Overall, I dig the beat, dig the rhymes, and just like how this old school feel brings out a fun pour of the top row feel.

Get out of your seat and put your head phones on as this song brings back those ghostly feels of the 90’s and make it seem like 2016 is an afterthought.


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