Get Outside and Explore With Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go! What is it? What is happening?

Everyone is getting the app and taking the journey outside to explore the unknown. Pokémon Go is an app that helps you find lost Pokémon anywhere around your area. There are times you may have to travel a distance to find one and times you may have to find “PokeStops” in order to find a whole bunch of them.

Pokémon started in the early 90’s and was engraved in video games, movies, TV shows and has helped shaped a landscape for fans all around the world.

The amount of people locating these Pokémon is staggering and everyone is getting into the fun. I have seen people riding their bikes, walking with friends, meeting new people and everyone socializing to find more Pokémon.

This new app has not only helped out a generation of children that are eliminating the outdoors for fun but helping them learn about their surroundings and meeting more friends through face to face contact.

Say what you may about Pokémon, but it has started a revolution for our youth and even us to go outside, experience nature and at the same time, capture some Pokémon in the process.


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