Sip and Be Lit With AceSoo Tha Kid Hit Single On Gang

Get those speakers out and jump out of the area when you hear AceSoo The Kid with his beat going on live.

The drum of the beat shakes the house, shakes the ground and shakes that pretty lady that is near the speaker.

AceSoo Tha Kid gets his tenure out with this hit song called On Gang and just brings the inner chill out with you in this song. You just want just sit and sip when you hear this song.

The bass from this beat turns the word loud into need more and people will know where this hit is coming out of your speakers and get their curiosity out wondering who is singing this song.

They will know the rhymes from AceSoo Tha Kid and the piano from this hit single is on point.  I totally dig this single, so check it out and share it!


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