Flick The Wrist With The Experience and His Hit Single Playa

The jumping, the jumping, and more jumping is what you will be doing when this song comes out on your speakers.

The flow of the beat and the ringing of the rhymes just screams of a song that everyone will dig.

The song is radio friendly where everyone will want to sing the hooks a and easy to have fun with. The song is very enjoyable, makes me want to relive my youth with this song.

The Experience brings out his talents and doesn’t take them to South Beach or Golden State but takes them to ALL of our ears and just brings us to fun attitude.

I enjoyed the piano at the beginning, starts off the song hot, and lyrics is just fun man, finally a song that where you can sing to and just chill.

Be chill, sip that drink and move to that hunny and say hi with this song is your theme song and your dreams will come true.

Rub that bottle with the genie and request this song as your wish!



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