Go Double Time With Bartello’s Hit Single Power

A song that can define the length of power extinguished in a single session should be heard by everyone. The beat bounces and the fog of smoke fills the sky. 

Bartello wakes up the crowd with his hit single called Power and the beat blares out the speakers.

I’m jamming to this song and have been noticing how good this song is and how smooth the flow of the song is played. This song brings out the excitement in myself and just makes me want to go outside and just chill.

The song reminds me of being in attendance at a concert and in the crowd, I’m grinding with the finest girl in the land. The beat bounces some more and the dime just pushes her hair up in the air and feeling like the matrix movie in that moment, everything slows down. The hair falls slowly and as my hands move up and down her hips, the chorus hits and the reality sets back in.

Get your reality moment, get power and get the hour going! Listen to this song and close your eyes and just be devoured. Check out Bartello’s SOUNDCLOUD and just be amazed by his music.


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