Experience Hero Con In Austin, TX July 2 and 3rd

As a fan of art and cos play, there comes a time when I wonder when this would be more centered on during comic cons. Look and have no fear as Austin, TX welcomes Hero Con.

Hero Con brings about the best in artists and cos players to showcase their ideas and art through their imagination and ideas as artists. People from around the world will descend to Austin and be apart of Hero Con. Many celebrities of the art and cos play realm will be in Austin to showcase their art. They may even promote and show case a new idea no one has ever seen. The creativity of these artists will take your imagination up a notch when you see how great they can not only live out a vision but take an idea and just explode with creativity magic.

Hero Con will be in July 2 and 3 in Austin, TX and if you have a chance, make it out there and see what the future of imagination brings to you. You will see these cool forms of art take over Austin and bring out the child out of anyone. Tickets are only $25 and you can enjoy the whole con with you and your family as well.

Did I mention Free Parking?

Come out to Austin, bring your friends and family to enjoy everyone’s time here, and see some cool art and maybe bring some home as well.


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