Soak The World With Desh’s Tape Late Night RTD

When you journey through the world with emotions in your head, sit down and put your head phones in. Get your music player out and put in the Late Night RTD and just press play. 

Desh brings a tape that you can row your emotions in a boat floating on the lies of your own success. The success will hurt your back but with the lyrics and truth that is spilled from Desh will clear the skies and bring the sun out to shine.

I have been enjoying this tape from Desh called Late Night RTD and I have to say, I just dig the beat of So Sensitive and the lyrics he just pours out. The words he says is the story we know and seen before but never could say it in correct way without punching a wall. He sings the words we need to hear and believe will nourish our souls and the emotions out there.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this tape from Desh, I know… I know… I keep repeating myself but that is the way i’m doing with his tape. I keep on putting repeat on the music and just listening and listening. Get this tape as soon as possible and follow him on SOUNDCLOUD so you can find more music from him. Enjoy, Live, and Succeed.


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