The Expedition Starts With Champz EP Suburban Cowboy

The lighted stick flickers with a flame as the wind blows the stream of lyrics spoken by this hip hop extraordinaire. The words are heard at a white board filled from top to bottom. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Champz….

I was able to get to the music of Champz in my head and I’m just astonished on how awesome these songs are. I’m listening to his new EP which is called Suburban Cowboy and the sound and the elements bring on a distinct yet different vibe and signature.

I have to say the song that blew me away is Run My City and boy it feels like a jumping into the pool with a built in water fall. The song represents the city they run but to me the song resembles an organization of a huge mass communication of a powerful speech. The lyrics speak to you in way when you envision art, they maybe fast but when you listen they slow down so fast that you can speak each dialect of the word.

Get out of your bed and listen to SUBURBAN COWBOY and be amazed on how great these songs are on there. You can’t just pick one but just let each song roll down the list and just relax to them. For more information of CHAMPZ check out his TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and SOUNDCLOUD.



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