Codefest Arrives To Comicpalooza

As a regular person that see’s the world with two eyes, he sees just a one dimensional theme of what the world can bring you. When I put on my glasses and look at the computer screen, then the 3-D brings out a world that is unbeknownst to all but just a few. 

The world being the computer screen is getting easier to use and with the imagination of a simple person, the ideas of a world that spins with flurry diamonds is exposed.

Come and become one of those cool people that can bring a new world to life and imagination sprawling in the open box of goodies.

Codefest is a 5-6 hour long event that teaches individuals of all ages to how to code and create a website from scratch using HTML and Java. The objective is that by the end of the day, each individual will have built a 5 page website that will be uploaded and online with the skill set to continue maintaining that site. There is no prior technical knowledge for this event and anyone can participate.

This is only at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX on June 17 -19 and is a great Father’s Day present there. For more information, CLICK HERE.


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