Pop The Bubble With Jake Aldridge New Hit Song When I’m Feeling Down

The empty chairs around the table grow quiet and not disturbed as the television flickers in the distance. A knock on the door and voices clear the doubt and dispear. 

When I hear the voices of Jake Aldridge and Ellie Jamison, I know the table will not be quiet, the table will be disturbed and we won’t notice the television that flickers in the distance.

Their new hit song called When I’m feeling down is an amazing song that lifts your spirits when in doubt and tells a story of the moon being bright and shining his light through the darkness at night.

We all had that situation happen to us but Jake and Ellie bring the sounds and words of cosmos straight to your heart. Your world is big but when its compared to the galaxy, you will see the the emptiness turn into happiness.

Enjoy your sight and check out Jake Aldridge new song When I’m Feeling Down featuring Ellie Jamison and just be wowed!


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