Open The Gates of Chill With Tone Lo

Sitting on the porch with a cold beer in your hand and a half smoke cig on the fingers as smoke flows from not only the cig but from the mind of the individual. Deserted but clean cutted, dreams are estatic as the gates sing open…

Tone Lo brings out the neighborhood with the tracks that defines not only his dreams but what goes through the world around him. He defines the genre using slick tracks that should be on movie soundtracks for Hollywood Studios and drinks the cup of coffee of words that make sense to him as the world is still learning.

I just been jamming to Tone Lo and his music is something that is missing from not only radio and TV but in everyone’s headphones.

Check out his music and watch his cool videos and let it be known that Tone Lo is not only in the fast lane, but swung the gates wide open!


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