Alone On the Island With Rich Lowe’s Hit Ain’t No Sorries

When everyone around you see’s you doing great, they will pull aside and cast doubt unto you. You raise your arm in the air as a statue on your island! Ain’t No sorries scream out of your lungs!

Rich Lowe has another hit with him and he has created a song where people can close their eyes and take the sunglasses off to listen from what the words talk about.

The song Ain’t No Sorries take you to a world where the hate is felt and thrown at you but you have no apologies for those that sling the hate. The song shows that you can rise from the hate and let them know you are proud of what you have done.

Stand on your Island, raise your arms in the air like a statue as the bridges that lead to you are gone and just around you is water and shadows! You are you, and excel at it with the smile on your face.


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