Pull Back The Curtains With The Sounds of Polkweed

The music is a stand still but the echo’s ring forever as the thoughts consume the average person. Polkweed derives from the human psyche that aches to come out and enjoy the time to play. 

I have been listening to some of the sounds of Polkweed and I have been literally blown away.  The strangle of the guitar ringing in the echos create a vibe that is not only mysterious but add the element of surprise in the mix.

The vocals are just not only eerie but matches up with the echos of the music and create a harmony only held in sync with breath of fresh air.

I through dig each song by this artist and just can’t get the sounds from the hit songs:  Handle Bars, Should Have, and I Do out of my mind.

I thoroughly enjoyed the music from Polkweed and you all should not only check them out buy and support the music. Music like this should be eclipsing radio stations and TV shows!

Get the music here from GOOGLE PLAY, CD BABY, and AMAZON MUSIC

Enjoy your trip into the sounds known by Polkweed! When you hear, you will thank me!


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One thought on “Pull Back The Curtains With The Sounds of Polkweed

  • March 28, 2016 at 2:52 am

    Hello, Victor. My name is Bob Thompson and I am one half of the eclectic/Kentucky based duo that is Polkweed. I would like to Thank You so much for such a glowing review of our music. I am curious as to how you found out about us


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