Menu Is Open and Watch Young Lye Whip It Like A Chef

The crowds make way though the halls and enter the restaurant and listen as the menu is heard! The waitress lets you know whats on special but for only the V.I.P.’s can get the Chef Special!

This hot new track by Young Lye is what music is missing these days, just a hot rhyme with a beat that echos in the background.

I like how he uses the rhyme of being in the kitchen and whips up like being a chef and I’m like wow! A rhyme that I never heard before yet can be sung at a club with all the women jamming to it.

Young Lye is an upcoming artist that not only you all should watch but should listen more and play his music out to the masses. Demand your city to bring him to your city and get the music played on your local radio stations.

Check out Young Lye FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and SOUND CLOUD and become fans to them all!


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One thought on “Menu Is Open and Watch Young Lye Whip It Like A Chef

  • March 19, 2016 at 3:56 am

    Young Lye your ”Whip It” track is heat wavy firaa, keep them hits coming please.


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