Banging that Screw With Xavien Mac

When you hear about an artist, you sometimes don’t give them the benefit of the doubt by giving them your time to get to know the music. The music is the important piece of the puzzle where sometimes it can be the piece that is hard to find. 

Xavien Mac takes that statement and puts a never ending exclamation mark to the end of everyone’s answers for their questions.

His mixtape album Underestimated is just pure genius musically and lyrically which so much creative music changes that you have to do a double take.

I’m currently hooked on Bangin that Screw is just so much a game changer to the music scene. The song bring elements that isn’t heard too much these days and just tells a tale for Texas. We Texan’s know the screw and the hook is just so off the charts and easy to chill with.

Get with the program, pass the salt and put the pepper on as Xavien Mac is coming to town and will change the world around you.

Check out his mixtape HERE and enjoy his Bangin’ That Screw on Youtube below!


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