Sing Your Dreams With Brooke Miracle

The stars gleam in the sky and a meteor passes by as the clouds hover above the sky. The lights from the moon shine bright and showcases a spotlight of essence and creativity.

Dreams start off as ideas of what you like, what you adore, and what you see yourself in the future. Dreams are what makes our goals worth wild when one day we can hold the idea that we always think about in our hands.

Brooke Miracle takes the step with her guitar and voice and brings your natural past time as a trophy in the shelf of ideas.

Her music brings the idea of the dream to life and makes you feel that you are there with her experiencing the life and consequences of the idea we take for granted. The plastic figure of success hangs from the light bulb of creativity and Brooke Miracle keeps the light on with her thoughtful voice and energetic guitar strums.

I fully enjoyed each one of her songs on SOUNDCLOUD and you should check them out as well. You should follow and say hi not by waving your hand, but by listening to her song and let the dream catch you in the glove of ideas.


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