Listen To The Choir Sing Juice and Nectar By Lydell Jones

The hands are clapping and everyone is swaying side to side with the voices created by the choir in the stands. The book pages are read and song to the tune where the pearly gates open to hear more. 

The hands are raised when the words are sung with smiling faces and the ever growing crowd of curious folks are educated with the same words being sung.

Juice and Nectar is Lydell Jones’s musical orchestra that creates musical instruments with his words and raising the standards of music through his rhymes and story telling.

Lydell Jones brings gospel music back to the map and creates a sound and scripture with his words and enthusiasm of praising and leading his flock to the golden land.

Check out more of Lydell Jones music on his SOUNDCLOUD and FACEBOOK and give it a follow as his music is very inspirational and saves your ears through the fake sounds that come out from the radio.



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