Breaking Hearts With Bisous From The Fall of Roses

A song that holds your hand and makes you close your eyes when the beat starts to exclaim the story of love.

The definition of heart break whispers the name of Biscous. The Belfast singer belts his voice to the ominous beat of his song. The fog of dispear enters the heart of every soul who have experienced heart break and the clouded judgement from the fog ensues. 

The voice communicates with the audience of the story of love, heart break and the feeling of your conscience.  The drought of tears fills the empty lake and the memories of once before illuminates in the new lake. Images and shadows explore the area and the dreams of the wing exhales the laughter of science.

I really enjoyed this song as the beat is very enjoyable and easy to listen to as well as Biscous has a good voice that brings the whole song together. I really enjoyed the meaning of the song where we can all relate to the song and realize the mistakes we can all make and try to distinguish the facts from disillusion.

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