Throw Out The Clocks As Lucky Harmon Keeps The Party Going

The screen flinches when you look at your phone and then the confetti starts to fall from the ceiling. This brings out of the waves of people going to the ocean of the music by Lucky Harmon.

Lucky Harmon has a voice that steers the crowd and with his savvy dance moves, takes his music to a direction that is party central.

The music is very dance oriented so you know it will keep the beautiful women dancing and help the men gain the confidence to dance with that one beautiful woman. The beautiful woman that has taken control of the dance floor with her seductive moves, hypnotizing eyes, and a smile that will draw you to the salute of happiness.

Lucky Harmon’s music not only has the chance to change the way music is playing today on the radio, but can influence how much fun you will have at a party.

I thoroughly enjoyed his music video he has for Party Life as he pushes the genre of music up a notch with his music and guides your body through his feel of music.

Go ahead, pop open that bottle of champagne and tip the DJ with a copy of Party Life from Lucky Harmon and you will not only be hosting an incredible party but create memories for all.


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